Language - Literature - Communication is a reviewed journal in electronic form, which originated at the Department of Czech Language and Literature, Faculty of Education, Palacký University Olomouc at the beginning of 2012. It is conceived as an open, freely and continuously updated  and of course structured set of texts based on linguistic, literary, art and general cultural topics in the field of Humanities.

The journal has a six-month periodicity: of all progressively accumulated contributions there will always be, in June and November of each calendar year, created a corpus of journal publication so that each number will introduce only the texts which have undergone a review process and were guaranteed by the editorial board of the magazine.

Editorial staff is keen to involve a wide range of contributors, and values courage and responsibility of thoughtful and sensitive people. We avoid the term didactics deliberately. Didacticism (from the Greek verb to teach) is commonly connected with terms such as teaching, learning, and also science. But we are quite sure that any work, whether purely theoretical or practical, literary, art or music is always didactic, because its essence is the objectification, i.e. revelation of immanent things. It is also called communicativeness, i.e. condition of every communication. Therefore: Language - Literature - Communication.

ISSN 1805-689X